In the United State of America, the land of ‘Dreams’ nothing is impossible and that is why they got p*ssy grabbing Trump as their 45th president and Surprisingly a former refugee residing in the USA, Bol Deng Gai has declared his candidacy for the highest office in South Sudan, The presidency.

Bol, a former US Army according to his Facebook profile will hold his first South Sudan Presidential Campaign rally in Richmond, VA, USA to rally supporters to vote for his party Kush Democratic Party and vote him the president in 2018 election.

“The Kush Democratic Party is ready to challenge President Kiir and the SPLM for the May 2018 election in South Sudan. We are seeking the support of a broad coalition of individuals interested in the democratic rule of law and the progressive advancement of citizens’ rights in South Sudan,” Bol Deng manifesto reads.

Bol Deng, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a double-major in Political Science and Homeland Security ask South Sudanese to support and help him defeat President Salva Kiir.

“Under my leadership, South Sudan will not only going to stop Kiir Mayardit’s War and bringing unity, South Sudan will be the well Develop nation in Africa to reach the world stage as soon as possible during my Office,” He posted on his social media.

Check his introductory video: