Sources tell us a Lost Boy from Canada named Abraham Gak Monyabur is a wanted man in Juba for allegedly hiding and try to sell a car he helped ship into the country.

Abraham Gak, a South Sudanese-Canadian citizen who lived was allegedly given a car, 2007 Cadillac Escalade EXT by South Sudanese community of Ruweng State  in Canada to help ship to South Sudan since he was travelling to Juba at that time.

He was to hand the car to veteran Anya Nya One and SPLA General Michael Char. He managed to ship the car to Nimule with the help of General Pieng Deng and General Char himself but on reaching Juba he didn’t hand the car to the sole owner, but instead tried to sell the car to a Darfurian.

After Gen. Micheal heard about the ordeal he ordered Gak to hand him the car immediately but he decided to hide in Juba with the car leaving Gen. Michael so disappointed. The authorities are allegedly on the hunt for Gak and ask anybody with info on his whereabouts to report to the nearest police station.


Abraham Gak (in checked shirt) in Canada before he travelled to Juba with the White 2007 Cadillac