Local chiefs in Jonglei state agreed to reduce the bride price to 30 heads of cattle and below in order to allow the young girls and boys to get married.

The remark came during a community gathering in Shirakat residence organized by Payii sub-section of Awulian community Twic East County attended by many government officials, church leaders, and community members.

While addressing the gathering, Sultan ManyokDeng BiarAbithead chief of the Awulian community revealed that local chiefs had agreed to maintain bride price to not more than 30 heads of cattle.

He said that the community members would be sensitized about the development to respect and follow in order to rescue all problems connected to high bride price.

“We us chiefs have agreed to maintain bride price low not more than 30 head of cattle but if anyone pays more than that and divorce occurred, he will be compensated with not more than what we said above,” Deng said.

“It will be good if we reduce high expectations regarding bride price during marriages, even if a young man has fewer cattle just give your daughter in order to encourage others from getting marry,” he added.

He also called on the highly ranked officials to stay away from interfering with discissions made by the local chiefs in their various administrations.

SOURCE: Juba Monitor