The South Sudan Talent Youth Award (SSTYA) is one of the most successful events carried out in Kampala, Uganda and it’s the first and only South Sudan musical award show conducted ever in the country.

The SSTYA however, is a non-profit, and nonpolitical entertainment project set up by volunteering South Sudanese students in Uganda to learn and create an entertaining environment for south Sudanese in Uganda.

The main objectives of the project are to promote social-economic, academic, welfare and reveal the talent among South Sudanese Youth as well as to create a mechanism that can contribute to the development of youth and South Sudan as a nation in Education, Music, Sports, Fashion, Acting, and Sensitization.

Below is the current full list of the award winners in Uganda


Best Female Artist of the year (Tutu Baibe)


Best Male Artist of the year (40 G)


Best Hip Pop Artist of the year (Kay Low Lama)


Best Artist of the year (Slate Nation)


Best Video  (Khalf De Sys and Young Neighbour)


Best Afro Dancehall (Cool B )


Best Dancehall Artists (Dmighty Kim & Nicki Dezzy)


Best Duos (Twice B & GudMan)


Best Song (Pan Adhobi by Madasa)


Best DJ (Selecta Magook)


Best Upcoming artists (Navi J Martiz & Pandapes)


Fans Choice Awards (Twice B & Gud Man)


Best Afro Beats Artist (Deng Matoto)


Best Crew (LegaTop)


Best Collabo (Camera by Shaddy Man & Kim Swaqq)