The regional body, IGAD, has released the outcome of the second phase of the High-Level Revitalization Forum on Tuesday which is extended for two days after the parties failed to agree on some issues.

Parties to the HLRF have failed to reach a compromise in the dialogue that focused on governance and security.

According to the parties, they have only agreed on some particular issues on security including the cantonment of forces of the government and the opposition groups.

However, no progress has been made on governance.

“We also told IGAD that on governance and other areas of security, we have not made much progress. But we have also given them the areas of progress,” said Justin Badi, the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

He added that IGAD has taken over the process and will assist the parties on how to distribute the percentage and the structure of the government.


This round was an exclusively South Sudanese talk mediated by the Council of Churches.

Here is the list of things agreed on by parties at IGAD-led peace talk in Addis Ababa