A new list has emerged showing the state with hardest working people. The list also acknowledges state with laziest people, Fashoda being one of them.

The research says state with hardest working people have managed to survive even during the worst economic times. These states also have millions of their statemen and women in Europe, USA, Canada and other developed nations.
Top of the list is Jubek, which has an extremely aggressive population. The state has people who are entrepreneurs by nature.
Coming second is Jonglei, which is home to some of the brightest people in South Sudan.
The full list of hard-working states is as follows

  1. Jubek
  2. Jonglei
  3. Fagak
  4. Tonj
  5. Lol
    Laziest state in South Sudan
  6. Kapoeta
  7. Eastern Lakes
  8. Akobo
  9. Fashoda
  10. Terekeka

The research shows that states with lazy citizens have stagnant economy. People here wake up as late as 10 am and sleep as early as 6 pm.Where as states with hardworking people, individuals sleep as late as 12 am and wake up as early as 3 am.
The level of literacy in hard working state is high while lazy state have few literate people.