The names of martyrs who died in battle are [The list is incomplete];

Name of the martyr and the Battle they died in

Pte Maker Jol Bor 1983
Cdr Francis Ngor MACIEK Malual gahoth
Composer Mangok Kuch of Muor Muor Khor Makuach , Juba- Bor road
Compose Magiir Deng of Muor Muor Khor Makuach ,, ,,
Cdr Kuai Kuei Juba 1992
Spiritual leader Bith Juba 1992
Cdr Majok Mach Aluong Kapoeta 1994
Cdr Anyar Apiu Kapoeta 1994
Composer. Capt . Luol Kapoeta 1994
Capt. Akech Mach Kapoeta
Major Thon Nyok
Capt Alier Bior Ashwa Brige 1994
Cdr Mayen Akuek Yei 1997
Cdr Tito Tong Yei 1997
Cdr Geu Athar kuei Bor
Capt Thon Agot Terekaka
Cdr Lino Langar Lueth Gorial
Pilot Cdr . Caesar Madut Ring Gorial
Cdr Anyar Mayol Gorial
Cdr Dhieu Warabak Ayuel Torit 2002
Maj Alier Aguto maker Torit 2002
Cdr Inasio Torit 2002

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Note ; 1 only the battles of SPLA against Arabs not South –South Battles.

(b) list of heroes and heroine in history of South Sudan

Hon . William Deng Nhial
Gen . Joseph lagu
Dr . John Garang de Mabior
Gen .Salva Kiir Mayardit
Gen .Kuol Mayang Juuk , the Mobliser
Gen . Daniel Awet Akot , the Mobliser
Gen . Jok Reng Magot
Gen . James Hoth Mai
Gen. Oyai Deng Ajak
Gen. Pagan Amum
Gen . Gabriel Jok Riak
Gen . Wilson Deng , deng wek
Gen . Malual Ayor
Gen . Obote Mamur
Gen . Majak Agot
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(c) list of defenders of constitution 2013 war in History of South Sudan

Brig . Ajak Yen Aayak
Brig Abraham Jongroor Deng
Lt . Col .Ajak Madit
2lt Santino Yel Makuach
Maj . Deng Mayom
Pte Mamer Garang Ayol
2LT Santino Tong
2lt Manyang Anyang
Maj Oluak
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(d) List of unclassified or the questionable leaders in the history of South Sudan

Cdr . Kerbino Kuany Bol , the architect of the liberation , killed by Peter Gatdet an SPLA Ally

Gen Samuel Gai Tut killed by SPLA Forces

Hon . Akuot Atem Mayen killed by Anya Anya 2 itself

Cdr . William Nyuon Bany killed by unclear forces of Elijah Hontop

Justice . .Martin Majier Gai , the author of SPLM/SPLA manifesto killed by SPLM/SPLA itself

Cdr Arok Thon Arok , backslider

Dr Riek Machar Teny . leader of 1991 bloody coup in Nasir

Dr Lam Akol Ajawin , backslider

Cdr Martin Makur Alaiyau killed by SPLA /SPLA itself

Dr Juach killed by SPLA itself

Dr Madut killed in Nimule by SPLA itself

Cdr Benjamin Bol Akok killed by SPLA itself

Cdr Glario Modi , killed by SPLA forces

Cdr Theophlus Ocheing , the leader of EDF , SAF ally that captured Torit from SPLA in 2002

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By David Aoloch Bion