An illegal hunter has ben mauled and killed by a lion at Bandigilo National Park.

The 35 year old man was part of group that went hunting with dogs at the national park when their dogs angered the lion. The group were hunting unlawfully in accordance to South Sudan laws.

”The 35 year old man was known to have been part of poachers who use dogs hunt in the national park”, Game Ranger said.

The Bandingilo National Park is located within the states of Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria. It was established in 1992, Situated in a wooded area near the White Nile River  covering 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 sq mi) in size.

It’s the world second-largest annual animal migration (largest is the Serengeti migration), involving multiple species of antelope including reedbuck, tiang, and white-eared kob, takes place in the park, which is also home to iconic African megafauna like the Nubian giraffe. It also contains large marshlands stretching up into Jonglei state. Predators like the African wild dogs, Sudan cheetahs, caracals, Masai lions and spotted hyenas are also living in the national park. The park supports large bird populations. Though a major wildlife preserve, the park lies within a Total oil concession, potentially exposing it to surveying and drilling.