The Honorary Consul of South Sudan to the government of Lebanon is allegedly a fugitive wanted by Paraguayan authorities, America’s FBI and CIA for financing Hezbollah—a Lebanese armed group designated as a terrorist organisation.

Ali Myree is the owner of Crown Hotel and owns several companies with strong ties to South Sudan’s military. He was appointed last year as the Honorary Consul in December and issued a South Sudanese passport in the lead up to that in September.

Ali Myree has been identified as Ali Khalil Merhi. He was accused of taking part in organising suicide bombing of a Jewish Community Centre (AMIA) in Argentina in 1994 that killed 85 people.

He was arrested in 2000 by Paraguayan police but escaped from custody. He is wanted by the FBI and the CIA, accused of piracy by the Japanese-based transnational Sony, and investigated because he is considered a strong financier of Hezbollah terrorist activities.

A lot of Lebanese businesses like AFK Concept which was awarded millions in contract by the Ministry of Heath in South Sudan are alleged to be Hezbollah affiliated businesses.

Via The National Courier