A leaked video shared by Al-Arabiya has revealed Sudan’s National Congress Party’s [NCP] plan to hijack the SPLM party and topple the government in Juba.

The leaked videos are believed to have been recorded around 2011. In one of the videos, former President of Sudan Omar Al Bashir is seen talking to members of NCP, laying out his plans and thoughts on the South Sudan succession.

“We will not live in peace with South Sudan … our goal is to change the ruling SPLM … and any barrel of oil they sell is a threat to our security,” Bashir said in one of the recordings.

In other secret recordings, Bashir declared that Sudan doesn’t have any interest in rescuing South Sudan. He urged that South Sudan is the gateway for Islam to enter black Africa.

Although Bashir was toppled in 2019 and his party disbanded, former Southern members of NCP are currently holding strategic government positions in the current Kiir’s government.