Riek Machar Teny commanders are planning an offensive against government’s position in southern Liech state especially the area of Leer County according to a leaked audio obtained by HIJ.

According to a source at security services, the leaked audio was between Lt. Gen. Simon Magwek Gai, Majak SPLA-IO faction of Riek Machar, Sector two commander of at the border of Sudan and South Sudan in GariyaAnd Maj. Gen. George Gathuoi Thak, SPLA IO Deputy Sector two commander of SPLA-IO in Padeah, North of Leer County in Southern Liech State.

In the recording Gen. George briefed Gen. Simon Magwek about the message that he will deliver to the forces during the parade.

Gen. George said that he will order the forces to collect any property that will be found during the attack and it will remain as their belonging, e.g. cattle, chicken, and others items found there in the town.

Gen. George added that he has completed the distribution of ammunition that was sent by Gen. Simon Magwek from Gariya in Sudan Border to the forces.

Gen. George said that the forces are only waiting for the final orders from Gen. Simon Magwek directly during Parade. Gen. George advised Gen. Simon Magwek to pass the same message to Maj. Gen. Samuel Dok Wanjang, Brig. Gen. Nhial Kam and Brig.

Gen. Samuel Mawich Nhial (SPLA-IO designated commissioner of Leer County) so that they should also be aware about the operation. Gen. George told Gen. Simon Magwek that he has delivered all the ammunition to the forces especially to the forces in Division 4B headed by Maj. Gen. Samuel Dok Wanjang.

Gen. Simon Magwek said he heard that Maj. Koang Nyaruach Bol loyal to Taban Deng Gai left the area. Gen. George said he will take the forces to that location where Maj. Gen. Koang Nyaruach Bol is based and they will not raid the cattle without fighting.