The Presidential Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny while speaking privately over a dinner with friends about Malong Awan’s request to go to Nairobi to identify his daughter alleges that Malong is being kept under house arrest avoid war in Greater Bhar El Gazal.

“These kind of things are always exaggerated and overplayed by those in Diaspora, as well as by those who are working day and night and wanted to see a war happening in Bar El Gazell. They are saying Kiir’s Govt is still strong today and giving people trouble because there is no War in Bar El Gazall. Look at the situation we are in at the moment! They want to see a war happening in Bar El Gazall, and if Malong is allowed to go to Nairobi in this kind of situation we are in, what if he decides not to come back? Mading Aweil would fight with Gogrial tomorrow. The Situation we are in right now is very volatile. Malong’s being in Juba is related to peace in Bar El Gazall. Having him in Juba is to keep peace in Bar El Gazall,” Ateny Wek said.

Ateny continues to say that Malong does not need to go to Nairobi for DNA identification alleging that a dead body doesn’t need DNA sample for identification.

“In regards to this thing which they are now trying to politicize, a sample can only be taken from Malualkon to her mom in Nairobi to identify her with it. By the way, a dead person cannot be identified through DNA. Only a person alive can be identified with DNA, but someone who is already dead and burned up cannot be identified with DNA, and Malong in person should not be the one to identify her, it can be done through other children or mother. It is only the mother who could identify her and not Malong, unless only Malong remained in the family. Therefore, there is no need for Malong to go to Nairobi given the situation we are in. Or if he wants, It can be identified through his saliva or spit, and in this case lets the sample be drawn and taken to his family in Nairobi to identify her with it,” he added.

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