Ted Dagne, an American friend of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior and of the so-called ‘Seven Wonks’, a gang of super activists that helped engineered the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) journey toward what is now the Republic of South Sudan has shared what he claims to be the last known voice message the late Garang left 24hr before the fatal heli-crash in 2005.

Ted shared the voice message Garang left for him and series of secret emails with Dr. Garang between 1998 and 99, Ted played a great role in not only advising the Movement’s leader but also connecting him with the US Congress.

The short audio clip, a voicemail, that Garang sent to Mr. Dagne, probably via Satellite phone, from President Museveni’s rural home of Realities in Western Uganda in the night of July 29, 2005.

In this audio, recorded just 24 hours before his death in the controversial chopper crash, Dr. Garang sounds with a sense of urgency, if not emergency.

“Ted this is your uncle. I left my number, could u please call be before Condoleezza Rice calls?”

Listen to the audio here: