HIJ interviews musician-turned-politician Lam Tungwar, on family and career as a musician.

Who is Lam Tungwar in 5 words?

A down to earth person but with genetic ambitions


I couldn’t talk about my family status, its not for public consumption.

As a musician and now a minister what are u doing in ur capacity to better music in South Sudan?

As a former music veteran , music lives in me and I love the committed artists who are pursuing their dreams in music, am still the founder of Talent Search South Sudan , South Sudan Artists Association and a member of the music union locally and internationally, am here to do everything in my power to uplift my fellow artists because I identify myself with them and this success is all because of their efforts and support for me, am in communication with the union leaders and encourages them daily to work towards unification of the musicians country wide and to preach a word of peace to our population, music is a Godly thing and Godly spirit and its has a huge role in our communities unity.

As a minister of Youth and Sport what have u achieved in this time and what challenges are u facing in the office? 

As a minister I have achieved not much at all but rather few things, I couldn’t lies , but I make a very swift move towards realization of my assignment as a minister in this Country , this needs humbleness, selflessness , humility , respect, love, cooperation , anxiety, hard-work, being ambitious, innovative , creativity , strategies and most of all leadership by people for the people , my daily routine are multiple and am ready for those daily challenges with whole my heart, am serving my country , nothing more than that , challenges are everywhere as much as we are leading people in this country and we are meeting those challenges right from the bottom to top daily , I have united the youths from Unity State and Diaspora. this is something I don’t need to speak by myself but my work will tell now or later , am working towards the unity of the entire youths of South Sudan as a former president of the National Youth Unions , I know youth unity in this country is the success of our country and am working with the leadership in meeting that soon.

Your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is lack of commitment that our young people have and my fear in that is, as they grow with no commitments, I don’t know what kind of future we are looking at , this is the time we should be committed and talk one voice to eradicates tribalism and all sorts of discrimination and converged at one spot which is the centre of every south Sudanese ( the Unity spot of our people)

Last book read?

last book read is the book why nation failed(the political decay)

Your Message to the Youth as their minister?

Remain strong and ambitious, be thirsty for serving our country and delivering good news to the broken hearts in South Sudan, this is in the hands of the Youth and only Youth will guarantee that, you must remain vigilant and supportive to your government and your leadership, this will strengthen your vision and historical memories as leaders of today and tomorrow who are following the footsteps of our forefathers and leaders in the history of South Sudan, youth must be a generation of discoveries and new creation either in politic, economic, socially and spiritually , we must be the new breeds of talents , skills and the way forwards in our country today, am here to tell you my brothers and sisters  that there is nothing more than you are today and you are the seed of the betterment of our country ,we must support our leadership and be patriotic to our beloved country full of wonders and diversities , this is who you are, a bright star In darkness and a honest custodian who will responsibly lead this nation to prosperity and accomplish what our leadership have started now.

You are close friend to Emmanuel Jal, did he almost eat a dead friend as narrated?

Different stories in different times, I personally wasn’t with Emmanuel during the liberation, I was with other groups and separated until we meet in Kakuma camp, so his path was horrific and dangerous as mine, and I couldn’t deny that he almost eat a dead comrade, probably he almost did that as he narrated.

Your 5 favourite Junubi musicians?

They are too many, and every artist in South Sudan is my favorite and I love their music and styles all of them, I dance to every tone and love every beat

Is Club Signature ur investment?

It’s a cooperative one that involves many

What Junubin don’t Know about you?

I respect and love all of you regardless of who you are what you do or the color you look like , all are my people and my kind but am sure they know that…probably they don’t know that I don’t drink and don’t do any drugs including smoking cigarette…

There have been reports of alleged abuse and exploitation of models at Miss Malaika, what is your say?

NOT true but the rumors are mild and unfounded at all, our girls are our pride and let us give them a hands of protection but not exploitation or harassment, I created Miss Malaika for the goods of our girls and I have no involvement or any of my other colleagues participated in this accusation. This is south sudan and information travel fast and if that is done to any girl , its could be a big news long time AGO, but remember there are haters to the progress of such a activities .however miss malaika is still the most respected modeling entity in the whole country ,it’s the mother of all the modeling institutions today

Will u ever go back to music?

Yes someday and even now am an artists at heart, music is my drug and inner pride and love, its my personal hobby

What will u say about ur baby mama photos which leaked to social media sometime-back.

I don’t know, I don’t have a say

Which artist are u dying to do a collabo with?

Non.. but all at the same time, mostly the creative one

What is ur worth? Financially?..an estimates?

Private, however am a servant to the South Sudan as a country

What is ur take on Mary Boyoi calling herself the richest musician in South Sudan.

she is a bright girl and creative as well and I respect her music , however I have no comment on her private life

Highest level of education achieved?

Private ad personal, for the public consumption, I have reached the level required and served in many positions in privates and in the government institutions, and am aware that education is the key to life and creativity but it’s apart of success which shouldn’t be a forum for discussion, I have advanced and still perusing more greatness in education

Favorite politician in South Sudan?

As a politician myself I don’t have any favorite personnel but am inspired by the founders of our Nation (South Sudan) and remember they are many including our martyrs.

If u were to be an an animal what animal would u be?

An eagle

Questions from fans:

What do u have for South Sudanese music and what can u add to the music industry as a minister of culture and sport?

Support its and rally many government seniors to support the music and respect it as our own.

What activities has Lam done as a minister of youth?

Many activities so far nationally and in the state level, am proud of their results!

Are u really enjoying the ministerial role or it’s the money which keeps u in the boring job?

Hahaha it’s a job that make you engages with your people and your countrymen and women in delivering services to them, its not a money making institution just for you to know unless you want to engage in corruption or so forth , but this is the only where you can help your country , all the youth in military , civil services and other governmental institutions are not making money but work in a patriotic heart to serves their country in good time and in bad time , and am one of them!