The Lakes State’s ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Broadcasting has suspended two journalists, Mabor Riak and John Chiec who were involved in a fist fight in the office last month.

The acting director general Gabriel Gakmar Kuc said the journalists were suspended by the disciplinary committee based on the outcome of the findings of the committee.

Mabor Riak will be demoted from Grade 10 to 12 and John Chiech will be transferred from radio station to the state’s ministry of information.

The director general also said that Mabor Riak would not work in the ministry and would be transferred to another ministry as a civil servant.

Last year Mabor Riak was dismissed without benefits by the state minister of information Dut Makoi and he was reinstated within 3 months because the authorities who dismissed him were not around.

Again this year he was involved in a fight with a colleague at the office. The disciplinary committee decided to punish both.

Juba Monitor