A lady in her 20s stripped after the Club Vegas’s security refused to let her gets into the club during Club Vegas’s  biggest show of the year, so far judging by crowd number and the nature of the stage performance pulled by Kenyan dancehall king, Wyre The Love Child backed by Boneless.

“The intoxicated  lady was barred from entering the club where Wyre was performing and suddenly  she started stripping”, said a source who was at the scene.

She was yelling ” i will not put on this clothes if you don’t allow me to go and see my lovely Wyre”.

The security couldn’t handle her stripping and agreed to let her gets in if she put to put on her dresses and she excitedly complied.

The two days concert which was organised by Rockstars promotions was so far the best event of the year, where 20 generals, seven diplomats and more than 50 celebrities and hundreds cheering crowd turned up.