Look, ladies, men are not as complicated as you think. For instance, in text messages, men mean what they write, but because women are so used to looking for the underlying message, they always attempt to decode the meaning between the letters leave alone the lines.

Girls, let us face it. When you like a guy and you have been out a few times (or even just once), you get a little obsessive over his text messages.

we know you always take screenshots of what he says, and send it to all of your friends, asking for advice on what it really means.

In some cases, women even send to their female friend’s text messages they intend to reply to their men, just to have their opinion and ask them what emotion such would evoke. Jeez! Women!

It’s okay, but before you waste energy trying to read between the letters, most men text what they are really thinking.

And when they don’t, it simply means they have nothing on their mind to say.

My committee of male Eminent Persons, which includes Frao, Mark and Brayo looked into this matter and had their say.

Sample this innocent text message from a man to a woman: “I had a lot of fun last night. I’m going to be really busy at work for the next few weeks.”

What girls think: He’s going to be busy for a few weeks, which is fine! Maybe I will just check-in from time-to-time to see if he is feeling less stressed.

Maybe I could plan the dates to make it easier on him, now that he is too busy to plan.

Don’t disturb

According to Frao, the man actually means: “I will be really busy at work, but if I wanted to see you, I would make an effort. So please, don’t disturb.”

Brayo on the other hand argues that it means: “If I really was busy for the next few weeks at work, I would have brought it up when we hung out last night.

So if I’m sending this text I’m pretty explicitly trying to pump the brakes or avoid you all together.”

Ladies, alternatively, if you send him a long, sweet text message and he responds with, “Ha, that’s great.” Or something really short, and he doesn’t ask a question to continue the conversation, according to Frao, he actually means: “I am not a poet. I will not write you a sonnet.”

Mark jumps in and says: “That actually means, I’ve done this before and sometimes it’s because I’m not interested and sometimes it’s because I’m genuinely busy.

If he doesn’t follow up a few hours later or the next day and try to continue the conversation then he’s not that into you.”

Genuinely busy

And when you text him at 10 a.m., and he doesn’t respond until 8 p.m., he actually means, according to Mark, is that he might actually be genuinely busy, and the silence means you sent the text at the wrong time.

According to Frao, in such a case, the man is actually busy and the woman is not a priority.

“Eh…people calm down. People often look at their phones while they are busy and can’t text back.

Then they forget about it until later. It doesn’t mean anything and should not be used against a brother,” Brayo added.

The Eminent Persons Committee concluded that insecure women who over-analyse text messages get themselves stressed for no good reason.