The chairperson of the National Committee for Security and Defense, Angelina Teny said hotels where they stay have not been paid for the last six months, adding that on 17 November, some members of the mechanisms have been evicted.

Speaking to the press, the Chairperson for the Committee on Security and Defense, Angelina said their situation and the humiliation that they undergone forced them to leave the hotels,” she said.

“We have had it and it has been echoed especially from the members of the government, people stay in the hotels but staying in those hotels, you stay without water, food and this has been happening for the last few months,” Angelina said.

She stated that people have been thrown out from a number of hotels and now you bring prominent leaders who are working on the peace implementation and you take them to small motels Atlabara where there is no electricity and even where they can’t get access to do some work.

Last week, the SPLM/IO leader Dr. Riek Machar ordered all members of SPLM/IO who are staying in the hotels and are not assigned to any mechanism to vacate and find private accommodation or go to Wuna Aliet or Lobuju Cantonments.