Politically conscious rapper LUAL is one lad who doesn’t take criticism lightly especially when it comes from a fellow celebrity. The rapper in his soon to be released track has fired subliminal shots at the former City FM presenter and celebrated South Sudanese event manager Sambro Lupai.

LUAL in parts of the song’s lyrics shared on social media called Lupai the worst radio host and MC. And in fact, he said Sambro is worst at everything he does.

“You the worst MC, promoter, presenter dude, you’ve never been a winner, you suck at everything you do/ I hope the judge sentence you to life in prison screwed/ Now your anxiety high plus depression too the chances of you beating me slimmer, than finding a human being who ain’t a sinner…” the lyrics read.

According to Lupai who spoke to HIJ’s John Masura in Nairobi where he was the host of the just concluded STA Awards, the rapper came after him for a Facebook post he made early this year. Lupai said LUAL was voted the worst dressed celebrity by radio listeners not him. He said he just shared listener’s opinion on his Facebook page. He however said, he won’t respond to LUAL in anyway.