US-based money transfer platform Kwiksy has partnered with mGurush and launched a service that enables users to send and receive money instantly both locally and internationally.

South Sudanese can now send money to their loved ones at home from over 60 countries around the world through their phone.

Kwisky is an instant cash transfer application by Kwisky Inc. that allows users to send and request payments both across the globe.

The app serves as a “digital mall” for on-demand services. It Has functions that enable the user to offer and request on-demand services, send messages, and make Instant peer-to-peer payments, Prepaid card services, Bill payments, Shopping and so much more.

Kwisky is cheap, safe, and secure for online transactions. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Users around the world can transact in eight different currencies across 60+ countries around the world.

Kwisky integrates a wide range of services including one to one chat, group chat, mobile wallet, on-demand services, product search and listing ‘, peer to peer payments, and so much more

Kwisky does not only integrate all essential services from a central point with ease and convenience but also offers users features that help them communicate with their contacts, businesses, and a lot more

Kwisky works by integrating with alternative financial service providers like mGurush; which are local to the countries where the user may wish to transfer money.

Users in the US, UK, and European Union, and Canada can receive a Kwisky MasterCard that can be used in conjunction with their Kwisky account.

All that users need to make peer-to-peer payments with this app is a mobile number; bank details are not required

Kwisky provides a solution to peer –to –peer payments and allows users to interact with people in the process. Users can enjoy using the app to send and receive money, talk to family and friends, and do a range of tasks from just one point.


Send Money: Instant safe and secure money transfer from mobile to mobile, mobile to bank

Request Money: Withdraw cash instantly from account.

Instant peer-to-peer paymentsPay for airtime, water, tickets electricity, Tv, taxes using the bill/tickets module.

Add money: Get all your expenditures onto the Kwisky prepaid card using the “cash-out” option

On-demand services: Using the GPS enabled app you can get on-demand services for tasks anywhere in the world.

Scan ‘n’ Pay: for instant person to person payments using the Kwisky QR Codes.

Fundraising: use the Kwisky Crowdfunding to generate Kwisky QR code that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp for Fundraising

Ticketing: Generate and manage event tickets using the Kwisky QR Code.

Salary: You can use Kwisky to schedule batch payments for staff or field workers.