The highly anticipated video launch of the month has raised over 50,000 South Sudanese pounds in just one night of its break out on Saturday.

The Dulang’aya video of Kawaja Revolution (KR) was unveiled to the public at Regency Hotel in Juba last night.

The launch was attended by people mostly invited by Rock Star Records and Promotion Company. Fellow artists, producers, managers, promoters, radio presenters and a few fans of Kawaja all turned up.

In a period of 30 minutes betting process, more than SSP 50 was pledged collectively by various contributors. The giant bidders started it off at SSP 1,000 but quickly climbed to SSP 17k, while another outbid this amount for SSP 20k; from there the rest of the fans “ganged up” behind these two bidders to reach about SSP 53K.

Apart from that, over 3,000 pounds were raised as offertory.

Dulang’aya video was made for a whooping USD 3,000 in Kampala. The quality of the video is on point, and the dance moves can only be attributed to those directed by Caribbean highland choreographers.

Though the turnout was poor, all those who attended commended Kawaja Revolution and Rock Star Records & Promotions company for the job well done.