South Korean Singer Kim Jang-hoon is flying to the Republic of South Sudan flew into the country yesterday.
Kim’s management agency explained that his trip is for the purpose of directing the “Africa Peace Concert,” which is scheduled to be held at Juba Stadium in South Sudan on April 9.

The concert was scheduled upon the request of the South Sudanese government to celebrate the country’s first-ever participation in the Olympics this year since its independence from Sudan in 2011. Reportedly, various South Sudanese government officials and some executives of the International Olympic Committee will be present at the event.

According to the singer’s agency, the concert will invite many African artists, including South Sudanese star Emmanuel Kembe, to perform.

“Through the ‘Africa Peace Project,’ I would like to build a wave that is a little different from the typical Korean Wave,” the singer said. “A philanthropic wave of helping and sharing with others who are in need should go a long way and be very meaningful.”

Hosting the event with the South Sudan government and Kim is Lim Heung-sae, the incumbent coach of the South Sudanese national football team and a member of the country’s Olympic committee. Lim, Kim and others have contributed to making the country eligible for the Rio Olympics this summer by helping it build legitimate sports teams and registering them with the International Olympic Committee.

In conjunction with the Seoul Sports Council, Kim invited 18 coaches from South Sudan to Korea, where they can take professional coaching courses.

As an ambassador and planner for the National Olympic Committee of South Sudan, the singer will be participating in the Summer Olympics at both the opening and closing ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro.

via koreajoongangdaily