Veteran Congolese musician Koffi Olomide is coming to Juba and nothing is going to stop the organisers from making it happen despite harsh condemnation from Junubin.The organiser, Bul Cornelio Koryom a son to Central bank Governor has finally made it public by advertising the concert on most newspapers in Juba.

The concert is scheduled for the third of April in Freedom Hall and advance ticket goes for SSP 1,000 making it the most expensive concert held in the country so far.The gates open from 12 pm.

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International musicians have performed in Juba. The likes of Run DMC, Awilo Longomba, Jamaican Konshen and Alaine, but the tickets have never hit the roof as Koffi’s concert.
The concert will feature some of the South Sudanese finest artists; Emmanuel Kembe, Uropap Music Group, CJ Oman among others.

This is the most expensive ever concert to be held in Juba.

check out the poster: