Poem by Joe Mabor Agany, Malaysia

Kill tribalism

It’s a devil, monster, demon-like,

It’s a disease, it infects the heart.

Its devilish feelings are strong like horse.

It is goes to the soul, brain, and

The person wholeheartedly worship it.

Yes he worships tribalism, he acts its selfish urges.

A mere delusion generates in the heart

A profound hatred for another tribe.

Patriotism and nationalism are wrecked,

Fratricidal and tribal wars break out.

The person never see beyond his nose,

Only love for one’s tribe is spared.

Kill the devil, kill tribalism.

It stands out a meter, it’s within our reach.

Shoot it dead at the forehead.

Cattle raiding becomes a hunting game.

Raids are intentionally organized.

In this devilish, tribal thinking mode,

It’s an act of bravery to rob off another tribe these- seemingly- violent causing animals.

Blood floods the villages,

Houses are burned down.

Worse enough innocent children and women

Are raped, abducted or

Roasted like wild deer in their burning houses.

And the cycle continues when

The other retaliates.

Worse still politicians use the opportunity

To gain support and power.

What is the bone for contention?

Whose fate is it? Who is to be blamed?

It’s us, it’s I and you.

For giving our heart to the devil, tribalism,

For trying to deny the fact that

God destined 64 of us to live together in brotherhood

In this great nation, to live like ants that build together.

In the darkest time of history arises the greatness.

After temptation, from our hopeless lowest point,

We rise and shine.

For it’s meant to strengthen our bond

Come ‘on, let do it.

It’s the time to kill tribalism,

It’s time to say no, enough is enough. Kill tribalism.

Slaughter it with the sharpest sword,

Chop it like vegetables, set it on fire. Burn it to ashes.

Spray the ashes in an ocean where speeding waves will carry them away lest it resuscitate.

Then we’ll be free, we’ll be healed.

Peace comes, we develop, and we build South Sudan together.

We will shine and amused the world.

We are one people, one South Sudan.

My dreamed South Sudan……..

The writer is a self-taught poet. He recited his original version of ‘Kill tribalism’ during South Sudan National Inter-secondary schools Sport and Cultural Competitions held in Wau, Western Bhar el Ghazal in June 2013. The poet is an ICT student at a Malaysian University, Malaysia, and is reachable at jmagany@gmail.com