President Salva Kiir has threatened to discharge corrupt military commanders from service.

Kiir said most of the military leaders are not servicing the nation well as they just idle.

Why should I keep people in uniform and they will not go and fight, they don’t do anything, and I just keep them in uniform because they should not suffer,” he reflected.

He said some of them commandeer soldiers’ food supplies and salaries.

“You cannot remain in the army just because you are strong, because you take people’s money, because you take military food supplies.”

The commander-in-chief made the remarks during the decoration ceremony of the members of the former SPLM/SPLA High Command at the military headquarters in Juba on Thursday.

“There are so many South Sudanese coming, I will then lay you off all and I will bring in new people,” he warned.

According to chapter 2 of the revitalized peace agreement, all forces shall be screened and classified according to known military criteria followed for the purposes of recruitment for the army, police, national security and other services.

It says unqualified individuals shall be referred to the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Rehabilitation Commission.