South Sudanese President Salva Kiir said that the peace agreement he signed with the opposition marks the end of civil war in the country for forever.

In a speech during a graduation ceremony of students of the University of Juba over the weekend, Kiir said his government will implement the peace agreement in letter and spirit.

“I know there are doubting Thomases, but we will prove them wrong,” he said.

The South Sudanese leader further said the deal is the best because it provides for establishment of one national army.

“The new National Army that will be established for our country will have a national character. Every state and every tribe must contribute and see itself in it,” he said.

“This is very critical to the stability of our country, because the thorny business of warlords and tribal leaders having their private army is the cause of anarchy and fighting in our country,” he added.

“This time, all the 64 tribes of South Sudan, must encourage their children to join the new national army of South Sudan.”

Kiir said experience shows that some of the tribes do not want to join the army, citing what happened during the liberation struggle and when the 2013 civil war conflict started.

“But they complain the army is full of Dinka or Nuer. The time has come for all our communities to join the army so that nobody or community complains of not being represented in the national army or the organized forces again,” he said.

“We cannot continue to be divided as we are now and yet the world impatiently expects us to build a stable, secure, and democratic nation,” he added.

Via Radio Tamazuj