President Kiir has issued orders to the Chief of Defence GEN Ajongo Mawut effective from 30th of October in relation to GEN Malong. In summary the orders says:

(1) No visitors are allowed to the residence of GEN Malong.

(2) GEN Malong is not allowed to leave his residence day or night.

(3) Spouses (wives) of GEN Malong must first obtain written permission from CDF.

(4) All telecommunication (laptops and phones) are not permitted for GEN Malong.

(5) All bodyguards of GEN Malong must be disarmed and arrested accordingly.

(6) All arms and ammunition in possession of GEN Malong are to be removed.

(7) Any resistance posed by GEN Malong is to be met with “reasonable force”.

The authenticity of the order has been confirmed by the son of GEN Malong. Anei wrote in a statement that the message was delivered to his father by LTGEN Mangar Buong Alueng accompanied by the Director of the MI.


Kiir orders Malong Awan

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