President Salva Kiir has reassured the public that the tensions that arouse in Juba over the last two weeks have finally been resolved.

Last week, the army deployed tanks and armored vehicles around the residence of former SPLA Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong Awan.

The heavy presence of the security personnel was reportedly due to “misunderstandings” between the SPLA and soldiers guarding Paul Malong.

President Kiir says he is reassuring the general public that, there will not be any confrontation between the government and former Chief of general of Staff.

“I want you to be reassured that there will be no confrontation and people must go back to their usual activities and must work for the development of the country,” he said.

“If we fight [again], the investors who had come to South Sudan today will all run away.”

President Kiir was speaking during the inauguration of the newly constructed church and health center in Juba.

On Thursday, the former SPLA Chief of Staff, Paul Malong, was finally allowed to travel abroad to seek medical attention after weeks of tension with the government.

He had been under house arrest since around May.

Photo from Kiir and Malong’s dinner meeting.

Source: Eye Radio