The size of the next Transitional Government of National Unity will likely face funding difficulties because of its size, according to President Salva Kiir.

The agreement on governance issues that was signed last night in Khartoum has allocated five positions for Vice Presidents.

It also increased the number of national parliament to 600, including increase in the Council of States.

Addressing the signing ceremony in Khartoum, President Salva Kiir said hosting and facilitating the work of each post holder, will be one of the challenges of the new TGoNU.

“See the size of the parliament, see the size of the cabinet, how do you pay them? Where will you get houses to accommodate five Vice Presidents? Where will you get five offices for the five Vice Presidents?” he questioned.

“And then again their mobility. Everyone want sirens and a big motorcade of about five or ten cars. Where will I bring them from? This issue, let’s take it seriously and a challenge on all of us.”

President Kiir said without financial assistance from South Sudan’s friends, the government may not find means to support the operations of each office.

However, the Sudanese President Omar Al- Bashir who made his remarks after President Kiir said the priority for the new TGoNU should not be to benefit the leaders, but offer services to the ordinary citizens.

“For the citizens of South Sudan to enjoy the services it need security, it need education, health, clean water, telephone network, roads and the airport; not- vehicles my brother Salva,” he said.

Bashir urged the leaders of South Sudanese to put on top of their list, the aspirations of the people of South Sudan.