President Salva Kiir has removed inspector general of police Saeed Chawul Lom and appointed a new general as his replacement with immediate effect, state-run SSBC reported this evening.

Chawul is replaced by Majak Akech Malok, who was the director general of nationality, passport and immigration.

Kiir’s change of the country’s top cop provided no explanation. Chawul was appointed in March 2017.

The South Sudanese leader also removed Tonj state governor Akech Tong Aleu and Yei River state governor David Lokonga Moses.

In another decree, Kiir appointed Emanuel Adil Anthony as the new governor of Yei River State and Anthony Bol Madut as the new governor of Tonj State.

Kiir also removed nine ambassadors from service in the ministry of foreign affairs. The removed ambassadors include George Francis Nazario, Emanuel Yohanis Yor, Christopher Leonard Jada, Mohamed Ismail Faraj, Jago Arop Yor, Nyawaragak Joshua Dei Weang, Zahra Mohamed Hassan, Kamal John and Isaac Weal Majak.