President Salva Kiir has directed the SPLA to repair the Terekeka -Rumbek road, which has been damaged by heavy rains.

The road has been a major trade route until it became impassable recently.

Last week, authorities in Terekeka said they required more than 10 drums of fuel to repair the road.

“The road to Terekeka up to Yirol and Rumbek has remained impassible and the Chief of Defense of forces is here and they have engineering unit within the army that has machinery,” Kiir said. “So, I will tell him to tell them to repair the road instead of bringing people from other countries.”

President Kiir stated that the road has been in bad conditions and was not repaired because of the conflict in the country.

“So, let us stop the war and let us not fight again so that we can build bridges that would connect people,” President Kiir added.

Since 2013, authorities in Terekeka have been calling on the national government and development partners to repair the road that connects it to Juba, and serves as a link to states in greater Bhar el Ghazal.

The Terekeka road is usually affected by floods and lack of maintenance.

Recently, the state Governor, Juma Ali Malou, said more than 28 vehicles overturned on the stretch between Juba and Terekeka since June.

Four others were destroyed while attempting to cross a swollen river.

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