President Salva Kiir has in series of Republican decrees issued on Wednesday evening dissolved previous boards and appointed new board members for the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), Media Authority, and National Communication Authority (NCA).

The decrees which came into effect on 23rd June 2021 were read on the state-run SSBC. Decree No. 112/2021 for the dissolution of the Board of Directors of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC).
Decree No. 113/2021 for the appointment of Members of the Board and Directors of the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation:

Ms. Mary Ajith Goch – Chairperson
Dr. Chaplain Kara – Deputy Chairperson
James Magok Chilim – Secretary and Executive Officer
Dr. Victoria Anib – Member
Ario Loro Lotong – Member
Michael Tong Magok – Member
Tereza Cirisio – Member
Andrea Mach Mabior – Member
Johnson Lotubi Lom – Member

Decree No. 110/2021 for the Dissolution of Media Authority Board of Directors Decree No. 111/2021 for the appointment of members of Board of Directors of the Media Authority:

Ms. Atong Mayol Kur – Chairperson
Joseph Iyaha Ibuyi – Deputy Chairperson
Elijah Alier Kuai – Secretary and Executive Officer
Tereza Modesto – Member
Irene Ayaa – Member
Majok Ayii Mourwel – Member
Victor Bullen Baba – Member
Ajoh Lual Akuei – Member
Abraham Mariak Albino – Member

Decree 108/2021 for the dissolution of the National Communication Authority. Decree No. 109/2021 for the appointment of members of the Board of Directors of the National Communication Authority:

Professor John Apuruot Akech – Chairperson
Hon. Jane Malet Kuol – Deputy Chairperson
Hon. Napoleon Adok Gai – Security and Executive Officer
Gen. Akol Koor Kuc – Member
Dr. Wani Ladu Kenyi – Member
Hon. Ochum Janet Carlo – Member
Undersecretary Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs – Member
Mr. Elijah Alier Kuai – Member
Simon Akuei Deng – Representative from the Business Community – Member