South Sudan’s High Court on Thursday granted bail to four former top presidential aides, who were sentenced to life in prison in June 2016 for forgery and corruption in President Kiir’s office.
The bail was granted to Mayen Wol Jong, the former chief administrator in the office of President Kiir and Yel Luol Koor, who was the executive director in the office of the President.
Chaat Paul Nul, the former director general of communications and public relations in the office of President Kiir and Anna Kalisto Ladu, who previously served as senior cashier in the office of the president were also granted bail.
The circumstances under which the release on bail was made remain unclear. Relatives and family members have welcomed the development.
The Supreme Court said it was also reviewing appeals made by lawyers seeking release of 12 others, who include eight South Sudanese and four Kenyan nationals.
The court had sentenced at least 16 former officials, including top presidential aides, to life imprisonment for stealing over $14 million and 30 million South Sudanese pounds.
In June 2015, President Kiir issued an administrative order suspending his aides, accusing them of corruption, forgery and abuse of powers.