A 17-year victim of kidnap is undergoing treatment at the Juba Teaching Hospital after her abductors withdrew blood from her body.

Her mother, Roda Panuel, said the girl was given a lift by a stranger from Muniki as she was going to school last week.

The unnamed girl is a student at Comboni Secondary School.

Ms. Roda said her daughter suspects that she was intoxicated and had her blood withdrawn by one of the passengers in the car.

“She told me that they took her in their car and the woman removed perfume. She thought that she wanted to spray herself,” Roda said.

She told press that the girl found herself at a bush in Gumbo after regaining consciousness.

“She said when she regained consciousness and she opened her eyes she found a cannula on her hand; She removed it and started running,” Roda added.

The girl revealed that she found others lying down in the same bush that she was dumped.

The Clinical officer in charge of Gender at Juba Teaching Hospital said the girl is currently undergoing treatment.

“This girl faints every now and then and now she is still admitted and she will stay here with us, then we might discharge her tomorrow,” Dr. Samuel Legge told Eye Radio.

He called on the public not accept lifts from strangers to avoid such incidents.

“I want to give them a message the school children that they should not accept any lift because there are many crimes which we don’t know where they are coming,” Dr. Legge stressed.

Eye Radio