A South Sudanese man was arraigned in court for allegedly clobbering his sister’s house-help (maid) after she rejected his sexual advances.

Koryom Leay Ngiey, 25 was accused that on October 18 at Nasra estate, that he beat up Caroline Mwangangi leaving her with serious injuries.

According to police records, Mwangangi was cleaning the house when Koryom attacked her. He demanded why he had been turned down his sexual favours, claiming he was going to “teach her a lesson”.

The court heard that Koryom rushed to the bedroom, picked a belt and threatened to strangle her. Luckily Koryom’s sister arrived and called police who arrested him. Ngiey denied the charges and was set free on a cash bail of 10,000KSH (1,000ssp). His case will be heard on April 18, 2016.

The Nairobian