The Kenyan government is introducing electronic visas next month.

Foreigners traveling to the country will be required to fill their application forms online and pay using visa cards or master cards, about seven days in advance.

They would then receive the visa through an online account, which they could print and present to immigration officials at the point of entry.

An immigration officer at the Kenya embassy in South Sudan, William Mwadime, told Eye Radio that the system will apply to all visitors.

Hundreds of South Sudanese travel to Kenya daily, according to officials. They include students, businesspeople, and the sick, who seek better medical attention in the east African nation.

He could not clarify how South Sudanese who have no good internet skills would be treated on entry to Kenya.

“People are applying online, they have started applying online, and now we want to go online. That is a government policy for all,” Mr Mwadime said.

The Kenyan government’s new policy on visas comes a month after Uganda doubled its visa fees on its border with South Sudan.

The visa was costing $50, but it increased to $100.

South Sudan foreign ministry officials later said it would be corrected. But so far, that new visa fees has not changed.

Eye Radio