The self-proclaimed African Choice, Kdenk has crossed the border from the humble street hustler on the dusty streets of Juba to making tours around countries and to top that up it, the English ‘twenging’ singer just got a white girl.

Kdenk who is base in Nairobi just got engaged to her longtime girlfriend who has been supporting her since he came back to Nairobi.

The ‘Ruor Nyimar’ singer took to social media to announce the great news that he is taken by a kawaja and btw sorry Junubin girls, Kdenk is taken now!

Sources close to Kdenk alleges that the white girl, Katherine White is a wealthy kawaja and maybe Kdenk is truly in love.

“You know the girl is the one putting up the bill and everything so Kdenk has nothing to lose,” the source said.

The two lovers are to tie the knot early next year.

kdenk and white lover

kdenk and his kawaja lover