Kdenk, a Kampala based South Sudanese Superstar rocked fans at a live concert in Kakuma, a refugee camp hosting large number of South Sudanese ahead of Christmas season.

Kdenk aka Kuoang Deng performed at Bull Eyes in Kakuma Town in a crowded event with his fans thronged the venue as from 3pm.
He toured various places such as Kakuma 4 and Zone 5 within Kakuma in a snaky entourage.

Kdenk had performed at a club’s in Kitale before his arrival in Kakuma

The ‘Juzza’ star was accompanied on stage in Bulls Eyes by local artistes, Dancers among others.

Kdenk is now trying to roll out to the international scene as exhibited by his many tours both locally and internationally.

Kdenk said he loves Kakuma.

“Thank you my strong people, the Kakuma Refugee Camp, who made me the man I am today,” he said.

He said would be happy to perform next times in Kakuma and fans will not pay .