The male runners-up of the recently concluded STA fashion show in Kampala raised their concern over an agreement with the organizers which is believed to have failed due to unusual behaviour from the organizing side.

The runners-up were each promised to be paid estimated amount of $250 after the event at the after party but then the result from the payment committee stoned them with disappointments. The runners who included Awan, Tong and Bior all called the STA CEO Marko Madut and his Kampala client Atem Jennifer “Money Lovers” in a report sent to us after dormancy in response from the two folks regarding their due payments.

According to the runners-up, Mr. Madut played dormant after several messages both sent on social media and phone by ignoring their demand with no actions. His client Atem Jennifer who was the head of the organizing committee in Kampala is reported not conducive too as she adopted the behaviour of her boss by not attending to the runners-up. She is also alleged to have used the money for topping up her tuition fees at the university and currently keeping off sight of the runners-up.