If you have been on social media these past weeks, then you might have come across the story of Jok Jacob, a young lad in Juba who inked Philanthropist, Achai Wiir’s face on his arm.

The story posted by Hot in Juba went viral and the news reached Achai, who through her page said that she wants to meet the lad. Days later, according to Jok, he received a call from Achai’s management in Juba and the management told him that he will meet Achai but the meeting with Achai was called off.

“I received a call from Achai’s manager Clever Peterson and K2, the brother to Achai, asking me to meet them at Achai’s boutique near Phenicia Supermarket. When I meet them, Cleverson told me that Achai is sick and I can not meet her and he instead informed me that he has a gift for me. He told me that he has a gift for me but I told him I really appreciate the gift but I wouldn’t take the gift until I meet Achai first,” Jok told Hot in Juba.

According to Jok, he wanted to meet Achai after she gets well and to appreciate her for her philanthropic work.

“If I just take the gift and just come go back home it’s not good. I wanted to meet Achai first and thanks to her for all the good job she is doing to the venerable people and if she wanted to gift me a gift I would appreciate that too,’ Jok added.

Jok further accused Cleverson of misinforming Achai about the meeting. Jok alleges that Cleverson went to Achai and her that Jok has refused the gift and doesn’t want anything from Achai.

“Cleverson went to Achai and lied to Achai telling her that I don’t want the gift or anything from Achai. That is a lie. I just wanted to first meet Achai before taking any gift,” Jok said.

Achai Wiir, a wealthy businesswoman is known for splashing gifts, money to musicians and needy people. she has gifted a number of musicians cars, thousands of dollars among other gifts