According to what Faith Deng popularly known as DJ Empress posted on social media recently, an unknown angry woman called her phone and accused her (DJ Empress) of taking away her sweetheart.

The woman (a Khartoumer) fired her bitter Arabic words at the DJ and accused her of breaking her lovely relationship by making her husband unfaithful.

DJ Empress had to take to social media to clear all the “false allegation”. Empress called the woman “primitive” and urged the woman to “stop blaming others for her their personal issues”.

Here is Dj Empress reaction post on Facebook, (BTW it is exactly as she posted it. We don’t edit artist’s posts).

“Lady u ‘re Lucky coz I can’t speak Arabic but I can hear it……Ladies, learn how 2 b true 2 urself en trust ur husband en stop blamin’ pipol concernin’ ur personal issues. Insecure, jealousy and “catty-ness” is called “relational aggression.……Men ‘re nt Materials things 2 b taken like cloths, u can’t jst call some1 that u don’t know en said ur piece of useless words en hang off ur phone. Style up…..Gal,is u who know y ur man is cheatin’ on u/Dump u 4 another woman. So lady if these number is urz/ur Friend number:0956 927 152,tell her 2 deal with her Love issues en let her stop signin’ mi in her mess-up lyfe coz I ‘ave no tyme 2 Fight over a Man…stop been idolize ,If u press my number next tyme,b aware 2 speak 2 mi about Success nt about chasin’ after Men….*”I am di Empress nuh stress to impress”!!”