Since the outbreak of conflict in 2013 in Juba lot has happened and due to the political instability in the country many South Sudanese especially women and children have fled the country to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries and according to UNHCR report over 50,000 women have fled to Sudan.

Reports coming in from Khartoum alleges that the South Sudanese women in Khartoum are doing whatever it takes to bring food to the table for their starving kids.

The women are reportedly doing menial jobs just to get food to take back to shanty homes in the suburbs of major cities in Sudan.

In Khartoum, women are moving from house to house looking to be hired a domestic servant who washes clothes, cook and sometimes they get sexually abused.

“we move from house to house looking for clothes to wash, cook and these men sometimes sexually abuse us or ask us to have sex with them in return for money,” one woman said.

Although the situation in Sudan in unfavourable for them but the women prefer it then going back to South Sudan which is politically unstable.

“I can at least feed my kids her but in South Sudan, they would have died of hunger,” a 16-year-old mother of two kids said.