South Sudanese on social media are reporting poor services of MTN networks since the government shut down Vivacell Telecommunication company.

Several MTN mobile subscribers have over the past days shared their frustration with the service provider over the poor network and the recent strange number calling and beeping the subscribers.

A renown TV journalist, Garang John weight-in on the poor MTN services and accused MTN of robbing million from subscribers in the country.

“Telecom network extortion gang ramps up operation through MTN, robbing millions of unsuspecting subscribers in South Sudan! The management of MTN must be investigated and the culprits brought to book. If you are a subscriber of MTN and has ever received a call from any of these numbers, shout out: +2482650400,+255901130321 and +37123614000. The computer experts in question working with MTN network in South Sudan are using those numbers to steal airtime from subscribers and the money goes into their accounts.
MTN must expose the identities of those aliens!” Garang John posted.

Many MTN subscribers have been raising alarms over random strange number calling them and they accused  MTN of failing to address the matter.

Other subscribers accused MTN of data bundle theft.

We tried to contact MTN-South Sudan for comment on the matter but our efforts were futile.