Goch Khot, a young South Sudanese living in Australia is currently basking in rays of praises from the local community in Canberra north after he saved a man and a woman from being lynched by a ‘drunko’.

While being driven home in a taxi from watching a football match, Khot noticed a driver-less car rolling off the road along Chandler Street.

Apparently, the car’s driver had allegedly just had her throat cut by a machete before managing to fend off her attacker and abandon the vehicle. But Khot didn’t know that.

His instinct told him something was not right. He immediately noticed a machete-wielding man lunging towards their car. The armed man stopped their taxi and allegedly began smashing the bonnet.

Goch Khot who was seated at the back sit suddenly heard his driver yelling: “He stabbed me, he stabbed me.”

“That’s when I looked over and I saw blood,” said Khot.

Mr Kot said he got out and ran to the driver side, grabbing the man’s shoulder and wrestling him to the ground.

He said he disarmed Imran Hakim and restrained him from behind, with help from others who arrived at the scene a short time later. The police was also too quick to arrive at the scene.

Goch Khot’s bravery has received praises from the local community and the prosecutors.