Sydney Swans defender Aliir Aliir has been sworn in as one of eight new ambassadors to the AFL’s Multicultural Program.

Aliir, whose heritage is junubi, joined the now 18-strong working group which, for the first time in its history, includes two female footballers.

At an official ceremony at AFL House in Melbourne, the 21-year-old was on Thursday given the official responsibility of promoting the some of many diverse backgrounds within the game of AFL football.

“I’m pretty happy to be inducted in,” Aliir told SwansTV ahead of the ceremony.

“I am multicultural, to be a part of it all and to help kids from different backgrounds understand and play this beautiful game is something I’m very proud of.”

Already an active member of the Sydney Swans in regards to community engagement, Aliir will spend even more time in metropolitan and rural areas with the aim of raising cultural understanding, inclusion and participation at all levels of the game.

Aliir will begin official duties as Multicultural Ambassador during the AFL’s round of Community Camps from February 8-9.

Via Sydney Swans