A 19 year old Junubi is facing a lifetime in jail sentence in the United States.

Ngor Makuei killed a 97 year old white man in his home in Des Moines because he was told by a “green man with 4 arms” and 5 feet tall. This “man” was just a vision in his head.

Police said, in July 2014, Makuei broke into the home of Rupert Anderson and beat him to death using a metal spatula. He also seriously injured Mr. Anderson’s wife, Harriett. Luckily, she survived the attack.

Makuei said he has been having hallucinations and voices giving him instructions on what to do; sometimes he follows them and sometimes he wouldn’t.

He said the green man would go into his body, including the day of the attack, and have total control of his actions.

Police found Makuei standing outside Mr. Anderson’s home after the incident. Makuei didn’t seem bothered.

His defense attorney told the judge that the truth is Ngor Makuei was insane when this incident happened, but witnesses said they saw no signs of mental illness.

After series of trials, the judge last week, found Makuei guilty of first-degree murder, robbery, burglary and assault with intent to commit serious injury.

A sentencing hearing was scheduled for January 4th, 2016.