A South Sudanese man was arrested in Kampala last week for threatening to shoot boda-boda cyclists with what police described as “illegal” gun.

A man named Bith allegedly related to the deputy chief of national security was arrested on 18th November 2015 in Kampala’s suburb of Bunga after threatening to shoot boda-boda cyclists who followed him up to his home claiming that he had knocked one of them.

“He quickly rushed to his room and picked up an AK47, his intention was unclear whether he really wanted to shoot or not,” said one of the cyclists.

“We were scared after seeing a gun and it was strange so we had to call the police,” he added.

After investigations, it was realized that the gun was not licensed raising a lot of questions on how he came into Uganda with it but he said the brother gave it to him in Juba for their Kampala’s home safety.

He claimed he had reached an agreement with the cyclist that he knocked and he paid him but didn’t know why others were chasing him. He is still under detention at Kabalagala police station.