Singer Juna De Star now says MT7 is indeed her baby daddy and she is still legally married to MT7 after declaring last week that MT7 was not her baby daddy. She was responding to MT7 and Dj Cent alleged fight over her.

Her statement then left her fans asking questions as to who exactly is the father of her child. But it now looks like she is regretting what she said.

“I just want to clarify to certain people who failed to note my statements correctly i did say that I’m not MT7’s babymama because we still legally married which means am his wife legally until we’re separated in court we’re still literally husband and wife though we don’t stay together so if I deny being his babymama it means I’m his wife and a i can’t called my husband my baby daddy,” she said in a statement posted on Facebook page.

Last week, many fans were quick to conclude that the singer’s child real father is Jack Pro, another singer who claims Juna’s child after she publicly denied MT7.