President Salva Kiir has sacked several judges who had been on strike over poor pay and living conditions for the last two months, officials said on Thursday.

On Wednesday evening, Kiir issued a decree that dismissed a group of 12 judges who went on strike in a bid to force reform in the judicial system, Deputy Information Minister Akol Paul Kordit told Reuters.

“These judges who were supposed to deliver justice obstructed justice themselves. They denied our people justice for reasons that could be resolved through administrative channels,” he said.

The group comprised of appeals court judges who demanded that the chief justice resigned on grounds that he obstructed the judicial system, as well as more judges he appointed and promoted.

“These were the demands we put forward. Now the complainers have been sacked,” said Gari Raymondo, a spokesman for the judges’ union.

The judges fired are:

  1. Justice Khalid Mohamed
  2. Justice Malek Mathiang
  3. Justice Gari Ramando
  4. Judge George Anger
  5. Judge Awuor Mayok
  6. Judge Nyok Marach
  7. Judge Thou Andrew Makur
  8. Judge David Oreko
  9. Judge Gari Lino
  10. Judge George Philip
  11. Judge Bullen Isaiah
  12. Judge Paulino Dak
  13. Judge Maker Thon