The Jubek State Parliament has yesterday passed the long awaited vehicles/motorbikes’ number plates and driving licenses regulation 2018.

The regulation that comes in accordance with the provision of Articles 56(2) b) together with Article 81 of former Central Equatoria State constitution 2012 amended 2015 shall come into force on the date of its signature by the Governor.

Speaking to Journalists, the Chairperson Committee of Information, Culture, Youth, Sport and Tourism Emmanuel Joseph said that the regulations passed would be taken to the Office of the Governor for approval and later will be taken to the national Council of Ministers to become a Law.

He said the process of getting new number plates of Jubek state would be a process that cannot come to effect immediately.

“We are going to give time to those owning SSD number plates that are the administration issue. We will not take the number plate they have but we will give them time. We are going to give time frame for it to get expired,” said Joseph.

“I want to assure the public because they have been following the issue seriously. As parliament, we have done our part. It was a pulling of rope between the national and state government.  We thank the national government for recognition because it is a constitutional mandate,” he added.

He said that they have the resolution from the national Council of Ministers and they want to assure the public that nothing is going to happened.

“After this, Jubek State is going to have its own number plates and it’s going to be launched by the national government and then it will be processed for use,” he said.

According to Joseph, the public service vehicles and motorbikes shall bear green plates with black letters and numbers with the International Code of the Republic of South Sudan (SSD) at the top left corner of the plate, national flag at the top right corner, State initials (Jub.G) and the State Logo (black rhino) at the bottom left corner of the plate while vehicle registration number (three digits and letters at the bottom right corner.

The State Minister of Local Government and Laws enforcement, Ribek Benjamin said that Law enforcement agencies have been pleased with what the State parliament has done to pass the regulation because Jubek State is mandated by the constitution to have its own number plates.

“This process is done in the coordination with the national government. The Ministry of Interior is the one responsible for issuing the number plates I want to make very clear because there is confusion from the public,” said Benjamin.